GK believes that only education could alleviate poverty and free them from all forms of deprivation & oppression. Keeping this belief in action, GK has established 187 Gonopatshala (Schools) since 1976 in the remote area of Bangladesh. These schools are in Chittagong Hills Tracts, Coastal belts, Chars and some are in the mainlands. A total number of 18,187 students were enrolled (Boy: 8,738 and Girl: 9,449) continued their education. These students were coming from the ultra-poor, oppressed and ethnic minority families. A total of 445 female teachers was engaged to facilitate the students’ study over the year.


Present Status Education Programme

GK handed overall 168 Schools to the local School Managing Committee for the registration with the government. In the reporting period, GK assisted 4 schools with 1293 students (Boy: 727 and Girls, 566) to obtain registration from the Government Authority. The student attendance rate is 86% on average. After registration, the 27 Teachers of these 4 schools are being paid by the Bangladesh Government. GK continued to assist 5 School Management Committees for registration. A total of 13 Teachers was engaged to run the 5 schools with 769 students (Boy: 411 and Girl: 358). Their average attendance rate is 87%.