Bangladesh has become one of the countries to earn foreign remittance by the migration of workforces and exporting garment products. But they need more skills for better income. Considering the need for skill development of the migrating workers and those wanting to work in Bangladesh with a higher salary, Gonoshasthaya Vocational & Technical Training Institute (GVTTI) was established in 2014. The GVTTI has received approval to run 6 months and 3 months of trade courses from Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) in February 2014. Since then GVTTI has been contributing to develop the skills and employability of both male &female workers, thus more people to obtain jobs and generate income to reduce their poverty. This creates linkages between employment, promotion and sustainable development. It acts as a learning platform that equips girls and boys, women and men with 21st-century employability skills so that they will be ready to compete in the local and global job markets.


The GVTTI has certain specialties, which are as follows:

·         There is no barrier to the prospective trainees with the low prescribed level of formal education for admission in the institute;

·         The trainees are allowed to continue their jobs in the existing workplaces, excluding any hazardous jobs;

·         GVTTI offers Basic Trade Course of the BTEB and certificate issued by the board;

·         Course/Curriculum has been prepared in such a manner to make them employable in the job market;

·         GVTTI offers various Para Trade Courses with a shorter duration for the trainees in


·         Special arrangement also available for upgrading the general education standard to enable the trainees to follow the instruction of the trade course conveniently;

·         Efforts are being made for job placement after completion of the course;

·         There is scope for the training of the school dropouts;

·         Existing Multi sectorial Educational Institution within GK creates a congenial work environment for the trainees to receive education and training simultaneously.

Training Programme


The GVTTI offers various kinds of training programs with a duration of 3 to 6 months. These are:

  • Driving cum Auto-mechanics;
  • Dress Making and Tailoring;
  • Welding and Fabrication;
  • General Electrician; and
  • Carpentry.


From the beginning of 2015, Basic Computer Course was introduced to meet the need for computer training of interested trainees and received the recognition of BTEB during 2016.

Training organizing

Entry Qualification and Eligibility –Candidates having formal and non-formal basic education with a satisfactory level of reading and writing skills are eligible for admission. The poor adolescents who are working or not working but are keen to work in some trades are also considered for admission to the institute.

Admission Process – Candidates needed to apply in the prescribed application form and the selection will be made through admission test for the Basic Trade and Para Trade Courses. Admission is made as per the demand of the trainees for the tailored short courses.

Academic Session – Two slots are being run during, one from January and the other from July. In the Tailored Course, sessions will be settled as per the demand of the trainees.

Working Days and Hours – Normally the institute remains open for six days a week from Saturday to Thursday except Government gazetted holidays. The working hours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for the Basic Trade and Para Trade courses. But the provision is made for evening sessions for the service holders.

Seat Capacity of Number of Trainees – There is a provision for 30 trainees in each Basic Trade. This means GVTTI could train 210 trainees in 7 approved trades.