“If a man can do it, I can do it! That is one of the lessons taught by GK.” Quote from a woman GK worker Few women in Bangladesh know how to drive, and even fewer are Professional Drivers and yet, women are often very careful and safe drivers. GK pioneered training women Professional Drivers in 1996 when it founded a school for Women Professional Drivers in Cox’s Bazar. Later, another school for Women Professional Drivers was started in Savar. GK has been training women for non-traditional work since the 1970s, and training women drivers was a new way to train women in non-traditional work. From 1996-2014, 120 young women received training as Professional Drivers. Out of that number, 80successfully completed their training and got driver’s licenses from the Bangladesh Road Transportation Agency (BRTA). Approximately 22 women drivers are working in different enterprises of GK. Women Professional Drivers have a very good reputation among NGOs in Bangladesh and can get good jobs. About 25 Women Professional Drivers trained by GK are working in other national and international organizations in Bangladesh. The ability to drive can empower women and give them more independence. GK hopes to train many more Women Professional Drivers in the future. Ms. Saleha Begum became Bangladesh’s first professional driver when she completed GK’s Women’s Professional Driving course in 1986. She is an inspiration to other women drivers. Saleha Begum became a well-paid driver for NGOs in Bangladesh. Other women trained at GK have worked at United Nations agencies (UNHCR, UNDP, UNICEF); the World Bank; the World Food Program; CARE; Save the Children Fund; GIZ; BRAC, and Acid Surveillance Bangladesh.